Smiling Dominants


So many pictures of Dominants without a smile on their face. I get the whole ” I am a serious Dominant and not to be trifled with” thing, but damn sourpuss we are here because we want to be not because we are forced. If you are forced to be Dominant then evidently you aren’t. The scary ones are those that can smile and still let you know they are “a serious Dominant”.

Yes I smile. I am enjoying the fuck out of life in my Dominant role. Catch me during a scene and there is a twinkle in my eye, a maniacal grin on my face and a dance in my step. I am higher than any drug will get you. That smile on my face in the photo op with my slave? Pure pride. I own a beautiful slave both inside and out. I am happy to be her Master. I smile. Chatting with me in a social setting? I must be having a good time since we are laughing and joking. I smile. Have you ever tried not to smile and laugh at the same time? Good luck with that.

I am Dominant and I smile. Beware. :)


you guys need foxes (tag clearing thing i guess???)




Jennifer about the fans

#her bodyguard tho




"You all need jesus."

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